We Rise Youth Leadership Summit

We Rise Youth Leadership Summit:  2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Saturday September 22 at Little Rock Central High School Gym

Ages: 11th Grade – College

Re-imagining Communities: Immigration, Migration, and Refugees

Our Goal: create a permanent network of student leaders and change-makers for Arkansas to help gather resources, support, and a community for positive social change (will be introduced at the end of the summit for interested students). 

Link to Online Registrationhttps://goo.gl/forms/0utvlekKjvaemuyJ2


– 2:00-2:30: Introduction of We Rise, conference topic, and speaker (Mouaz Mustafa; executive        director of Syrian Emergency Task Force)

– 2:30-3:45: Break out sessions with different topics on immigration, migration, and refugees facilitated by different students and professionals.

-3:45-4:00 : Reflection, concluding speaker: Sophia Said.

Sub-topics for break out sessions:

  1. Syrian Humanitarian Crisis (Mouaz Mustafa?)
  2. Empathy, engagement, and humanization: the experience of refugees and migrants (International Rescue Committee; Clinton School of Public Service student)
  3. Interfaith Dialogue, Religious Minorities, and Immigrants/Refugees (IFYC Coach)
  4. Social Entrepreneurship and social innovation (Watson Institute Fellow, Clinton School of Public Service)
  5. Fostering Beloved Community (Sophia Said?)
  6. Art and Social Justice (Still being determined)

Contact Tristan Norman NormanTT@hendrix.edu for more information.